November 11, 2013

Star-Spangled Salute to America's Veterans!

There are many heroic stories to tell,....
Star-spangled Couple

...but there are real heroes in the American military fighting for our freedom.
We salute the brave men and women who serve with honor and carry with them the love and respect of their families.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Comic Book Crossovers

While doing some Google searches and other research, I came across this fantastic website of some truly exceptional computer craftsmanship. The website blog Super Team Family: The Lost Issues
shares what could have been if the comic book world had been more co-operative with each other from the very start.

Both Marvel and D.C. have tried to compete against one another (for obvious reasons), but what if they had made publications teaming up characters that people would certainly enjoy reading. This is what a comic book might look like if Captain America and Wonder Woman actually appeared in a story together. The covers on these are so dynamic and real looking, it's puzzling to imagine why hasn't someone done this already.
Credit: Super Team Family
Credit: Super Team Family
The story looks deep enough to carry a few issue story arc and fill pages with enough content. Who knows, maybe someone might write out fan fiction to correspond to these covers.

Enjoy them for what they are and then go over to Super Team Family blog and tell them what a great job they did. Maybe they will be compelled to do a few more!