October 14, 2013

Patriotic Pairing: The Super-Powered Couple as It Should Be

It was a long time ago that I was first inspired by the possibilities to create a story script based on my favorite YouTube channel. He was mixing and matching the Marvel and DC universe and formed one of the greatest pairings in Harley Quinn and Green Goblin. It inspired me to start writing again on my own and hopefully become just as good as that person.
Thus became the unpublished spin-off series that developed in my imagination and daydreams. I researched my pairing in popular fan-fiction websites as well as Google searching to see if anyone else in the fan fiction writing community had similar inspiration. I only saw a few mash up pictures, a YouTube video that mashed up the Lynda Carter and Matt Salinger roles, and quite a number of cosplay pictures. This unique pairing would only have to come from the fan fiction community - as both characters are owned by rival publishing companies.
Captain America and Wonder Woman.
I've studied relationships for a very long time and have arrived through my own thesis have come to several observations on the dynamics of real functioning relationships. Granted that this blog is about a proposed fictional fantasy relationship, it still needs to function under the same guidelines as real-world relationships.
There are several aspects of this featured relationship that I think could make Captain America and Wonder Woman successful fictional exploration.
  1. Opposites attract. It's good for some couples to have similar world views and perspectives, but for other people, finding a mate in which traits and personalities conflict, can be an attractive connection that completes two people - making them whole. This is not to be confused with co-dependency. Offering a different context helps many couples.
  2. Physical attractiveness. There is not an exact science to what chemicals in the human brain or body causes people to be attractive. But it is a key ingredient to any relationship.
  3. Common goals/directives. Failed relationships find that peoples lives grow apart from one another. So, it is wise that long-term monogamous relationships function on the belief that the couple aims for similar aspirational achievements.
  4. Shared Experiences and Teamwork. Couples need to grow together in harmony along with their own individual growth. A great way to grow as a couple, people must share the "workload" and exemplify a teamwork strategy of partnership.
Captain America and Wonder Woman are two fictional characters who have survived over time in popular culture. Their origins were born into a 1940s era who needed beacons of hope for humanity's potential for greatness. Within that same greatness each respective characters fictional exploits lies the drive and determination of the human spirit. They exist to understand and explore our own needs for wish-fulfillment and to study the complexities of raw human existence.