February 16, 2014

Character Study: What does Wonder Woman Bring to the Team?

Other than being a one-woman wrecking crew, throughout the history of the Justice League saga, Wonder Woman has continued to be a valuable member of the team. In present day lore, she's considered to be one of the founding members. But just as team members come and go (sometimes even create factions within the groups), lets examine the potential of what Wonder Woman brings to her Justice League team in DC comics.

I am not a sociologist, but I will give this a try.

The first observation that is made should address the fact that she is sometimes in the female minority demographic. There have been only a few women regularly included in the DC's Justice League (3 by my count.) So, we know she's looking at situations with a different point of view than her male teammates. In battle does she look for innocents to rescue first before battling bad guys? With all the male bravado, Wonder Woman is the first to seek compassion.

In a similar line, Wonder Woman may act as a calming feature to "the boys club" while consorting in the Hall of Justice or satellite outpost.Would the men subconsciously act more civil when Wonder Woman was around? Would the JL be a "locker-room atmosphere" without her?

Even still, Wonder Woman occasionally does find herself in a bind literally and figuratively. It's in my opinion that while war is historically a male pursuit, Wonder Woman's role sometimes calls for rescuing. Chivalrous men often seek the favor of women as their motivations in battle.

But for all the reasons why her gender separates her teammates, there has to be plenty of times where she can cut lose and be "just one of the guys".

Recently, her comic book storyline has surrounded a Greek mythology plot where she's often interacting with ancient gods and goddesses. Ares and Circe have been two formidable antagonists in several DC animated series. When the male JL members act as powerful as they often are, Wonder Woman's rogues gallery is called upon to equal out the scales of justice.

She has also carried with her the seasoned veteran experience. Assuming that she's been kicking butt since her origins in 1943, wisdom and maturity come in handy. Which leaves her fighting skills to range from ancient weapons to modern jet fighters.

Modes of Transportation! I'd bet that any JL member would want to take a spin in Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

No matter what she does, Wonder Woman will always be an integral and intangible part to the Justice League.

(If I have forgotten anything please leave a comment in the appropriate spaces.)